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How It’s Done

Several steps are used to powder coat metal parts.

Burn Off

Metal parts that have been painted or contain oil or other substances harmful to the coating process are placed in the Steelman burn-off oven. The time necessary to burn off these substances varies according to the size and thickness of the material to be burned. The high temperature of the oven removes unwanted substances and ashes old paint.


IMG_0063 IMG_0064

After completing the burn-off process, parts are blasted to clean the surface to be coated. Blasting also creates a profile on the surface of the metal, helping coating to adhere to the surface after curing.




Parts may be coated using two different methods. In hot flocking, heat is applied to the part to be coated. Powder is then applied, which cures as the part cools.




Electrostatic coating applies an electric charge to the part to be coated. Powder is applied and adheres to the part because of the electric charge. The part is then cured in an oven to the correct temperature. A UV-resistant clear coat can also be applied to increase the durability and shine of the finished product at an additional charge.